rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cold Again

The temperature is dropping faster than Tony Blair's popularity. Chill wind is making all the stars flicker and the pine trees moan. Yet, still no sign of clouds. Oh, where are the winter storms? It wouldn't feel right to enter spring without having gone through a proper winter. It would be like sneaking into the opera. If it were merely like crashing a party, I wouldn't mind. Party crashing can be fun. But sneaking into the opera is a serious offence, and terribly embarrassing if one should be caught. What? No, I'm speaking hypothetically! No, I've never crashed the opera, I swear!

Oh, yesterday afternoon, I saw seven deer, over on the edge of the field near the old barn. I had the camera with me, but the deer began moving off when I was still quite a distance from them. I took two snapshots, anyway, but I don't know if they'll turn out. Deer are difficult to photograph! They simply refuse to pose! They'll never make it in Hollywood!

Anyway, since I have little to say, I'll post a picture. (Gotta make good use of that paid image hosting account!)

orchard with clouds, last year
Bright Clouds Over the Orchard
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