rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I seldom remember dreams, but had a very odd one today. I dreamed that I woke up, and a giant roach was comming in thriugh my window (there are no giant roaches in this town) and I watched this roach climb up onto the arm of my bed (a deceitful device which pretends to be a couch during the day) and then it suddenly vanished into (as they say) thin air. Then I went back to sleep. Or did I? I don't know if I dreamed that I was awake, or if I actually woke up but continued dreaming. It has something to do with this cold, which I am begining to doubt is an actual cold. I suspect that it may be some kind of allergy. I am beginning to suspect that I may have gotten a whiff of some kind of psychoactive fungus spores. Such things do exist, especially in semi-desert areas such as this, and probably account for a lot of things like mass UFO sightings. All I know for sure is that my brain has been very, very strange for several days now. Stranger than usual, I mean. Surpassingly odd.
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