rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


This odd weather is messing with my mind. When I ought to still be in my winter doldrums, I'm beset with restlessness. Nature has turned giddy. The night is full of owls hooting. I think they are mating. Yesterday afternoon, I passed near small marshy area on the stream that flows through the shallow vale east of my house, and I heard a loud chorus of frogs croaking. I think they are spawning. Even my cats are behaving oddly. They want to go outdoors at night, instead of curling up and napping as is usually their wont this time of year. I'm quite convinced that nothing good can come of any of this. My concentration has been greatly diminished in these unusual circumstances. Every few minutes, I feel compelled to go outside to see if the temperature has begun to drop. As much as I dislike the winter, I want it back. Winter, come home! All is forgiven! Bite my toes with your frosts, if you must. Nip my ears with chill wind. Soak me with sleet and rain. I miss you, you cranky old bastard!

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