rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Lament: Arboreal Entropy

Some people up the street have taken out another Oak. It was a big tree, close to a hundred feet high. I went to see the cut logs lying by the roadside. There had been a large hollow area inside the trunk which had not been visible when the tree was standing. It was like a giant straw. The strange thing was that the cavity was lined with bark, just like the outside bark. I had never seen the inside of a hollow trunk before, and had no idea such a thing happened.

I suppose that the tree was not healthy. Many of them aren't. The Mountain Oak is adapted to a wet season and a dry season. Now many of them are sitting on lawns which are watered frequently. The Ponderosa Pines have the same problem. Gradually, the forest is dying from the disruption. Since I have lived here, almost twenty trees have been removed on this block alone. The forest is the only aesthetic redemption this place has. Without it to conceal all these sad little suburban houses, The whole town will look like a scruffy outlier of someplace like Bakersfield.
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