rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Bogus Day

It's better to have a day when one BIG thing goes wrong (say, an exploding toilet, or the microwave inexplicably bursting into flames) than a day when dozens of little things go wrong and wear you down to a frazzled nub. That's what I've decided. And enough of that, and enough of January.

Happy Lunar New Year. Year of the sheep, I think. I hope it won't be baaaaaad.

OK, I apologize for that.

I have also decided that it is very, very wrong to go outdoors hereabouts at almost midnight on the last day of January and not need to wear even a sweater. I fully expect to wake up tomorrow to a riot of blooming flowers and a full growth of leaves on all the trees. This is just so temporally disorienting! Oh, for a bit of snow! I wouldn't complain about it, honest!
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