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Internet Explorer has decided to stop showing pictures from its cache of online pages. I know the pictures are on the hard drive, because I can get them to show in a roundabout way by going through Tools/Internet Options/General/Settings/View Files and then right clicking on the jpeg or gif file icons and selecting "open in new window" (phew!) This, of course, is a pain in the ass. But, when I open IE off line and view a page with pictures on it, the first such page will have a picture, and the rest of the pictures on that page, or any other pages, just aren't there. I don't even get those little red "x"s. Just blank space where the picture was supposed to be. Has anybody ever heard of this sort of thing happening? Because I'm completely stumped. It's just too weird, even for Internet Exploder.

Weather? Of Course!

When I went out about 04:00, I saw a meteor streak across the sky. An hour earlier, it would have been obscured by clouds. An hour before that, it would have been visible. An hour before that, obscured by clouds. It's been that way all night. I saw another odd phenomenon. I guess it was the nocturnal equivalent of a sun shower. The stars were out in an almost perfectly clear sky, but one cloudy patch stretching northeast from above my house was sprinkling rain. It was novel to stand in the rain and look at all those stars. Too bad the moon wasn't up. I'd like to see rain falling in moonlight sometime.

The day was pretty cloudy, too. January has been a very cloudy month, but has produced very little rain. At the end of December, our rainfall totals had pulled a little bit ahead of normal for the time of year, but January has been so dry that we've fallen way behind again. A couple of weeks ago, when I was on the south end of town, I got a look at one arm of Lake Oroville, and the bare land showing between waterline and wooded hills was quite alarming. Everyone was hoping that this winter would be wet enough to lift it back up. The modest snow pack currently in the high mountains will probably raise it somewhat, once the spring thaw begins, but unless there is considerably more snowfall before then, there's no chance of the lake getting close to full.

I've got a picture of the half-desiccated lake. It's among the pictures I got back today. I haven't loaded them onto the hard drive yet, but when I do, I'll post the lake pic and a couple of the fog pictures. I won't post the full-size files yet. Those (some of them, at least) will eventually be posted at Webshots. Those I load to LJ from Picture Trail will be no more than 800 pixels wide. I've got 50 Mb of storage there, or 500 pictures, whichever comes first, but I'm not sure about how much bandwidth is allowed. Since it wasn't mentioned on the site at all, it may be unlimited, but I'm reluctant to test it to find out.

Anyway, if I get to sleep early enough, I might have time to upload some of those pictures tomorrow. Lots of stuff to do, little time to do it. Oh, by the way-- speaking of pictures, I forgot to link to my post in found_objects yesterday, for those of you who don't watch that community. It's a picture of an L.A. bus stop sign which I found in a front yard over on the edge of the forest, about a half mile from my house. Quite a surprise, it was. The picture is a bit blurry, but I can't get another one since the sign has been taken down. Anyway, off to feed the cats and go to sleep.

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