rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

T.V. Fun

I just watched the first two episodes of Myth Busters on the Discovery Channel. Great fun. It's dumb, they go fast and blow things up. My favorite kind of television. The premise of the show is that they test urban legends, to see if they are at least physically possible. In the first episode, they stick rockets on a Chevy Impala to find out if the legend about the guy who did that in Arizona and ended up squashed against a cliff at 350 miles and hour could have happened. Then, they filled a pig's stomach with a six pack of soda and six packages of pop rocks, to find out if Mikey from the Life Cereal commercials could actually have died of a ruptured stomach after doing that. In the second episode, they put cans of biscuit dough in a hot car to see if they explode, and then they try sticking a giant butt on an airline toilet seat, to see if someone could actually get trapped there from the toilet's suction. It is the totally mindless application of science to problems of no consequence whatsoever. We need more shows like this. I'm watching it every week.

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