rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Pictures Return

To celebrate the restoration of my image hosting account at PictureTrail, I am posting a picture that I uploaded tonight. This was cropped from one of those pictures that came out a blur, because of the crankiness of that Fuji camera. I thought I might salvage this one part of it with a bit of manipulation in my IrfanView image viewer. This is a tiny freeware program, which doesn't have all the clever applications of something like Adobe Photoshop, but I used what was available. I used the sharpen feature, and then the oil paint effect, and ended up with this:

Autumn Color

Yes, someday I will have a real camera, and maybe a tripod, and I'll buy some better film, and get some custom processing, and then I'll have some better stuff to post. For now, there's this and, maybe later, a picture or two of my cats, and some clouds. I like clouds. I like flying pigs, too, but they have nothing to do with this post! Honest!

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