rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Evil Eye

Earlier, it was my intention to be ambitious tonight and write something long and amusing, but then I turned on the television while having a late snack and was ensnared for three hours. Oh, television is the tool of the devil!

There was a documentary about floods on the Discovery Science channel. Wait! That sounds as though the Discovery Science channel was flooded. Of course, I mean that the Discovery Science channel ran a documentary about floods, and, (swept away, as it were), I watched the whole thing, thinking I would get back to work once it was over. But then there was a tease for a documentary about Niagara Falls, and I ended up watching that, too. Once that was over, I made the mistake of tuning in the local PBS affiliate, and NOW with Bill Moyers came on, and I got hooked into watching all three segments. As a result of watching one of those segments, I now have to cut the Gates family some slack, as Mister Bill's dad was on, speaking in favor of Federal inheritance taxes, and I'm bound to have at least some respect for any rich person who realizes the wisdom of that particular tax. (I still want to get Linux eventually, of course, but I feel compelled now to mute my pissiness about Windows. Drat!)

Then, there was an interesting segment about copyright law and the recent Supreme Court decision upholding the act of Congress extending existing copyrights by twenty years, for the benefit of media corporations, particularly the Disney organization which has, itself, long fed copiously from the trough of the Public Domain. Well, I don't want to get started on rummaging through that can of worms at this hour. Suffice to say that it is my belief that the media corporations, which appear to be screwing the public, are in fact setting themselves up for disaster. While working so hard to defend their existing assets, and earning the contempt of the public with the methods they are using, they are failing to realize the opportunity for a complete restructuring of their industries. The most likely outcome over the long term is that someone else will seize those opportunities, and the existing companies will find themselves shut off from most the best new work. They are forming a cartel to control the manufacture and distribution of buggies, while kids in barns are building the first automobiles.

Anyway, after all that, and then doing the various and sundry things that needed to be done, there was little time left for writing, and I wasted that writing this. So sue me. You can bet I'm suing me! If my case reaches the Supreme Court, half-assed as it is these days, I'm bound to win!

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