rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

A NIce Link for Breakfast

The ponderosa across the street seems much taller when the moon is positioned directly behind its top. Perhaps the moon's tidal pull affects my vision.


Bullitt Locations is an interesting link stolen from merlinmann's web page, via jonathangarrett. It has screen captures of scenes from the movie, accompanied by photographs of the same locations in 1999 or 2002. "Bullitt" has long been one of my favorite movies. As with other movies shot in San Francisco, the background views are a big part of the drama. This site gives a detailed photographic record of the locations used in the famous chase scene, explaining the odd jumps it makes around various neighborhoods of the city. I always knew those places weren't all in the same part of town, but I was never able to figure out exactly where some of them were. Now I know.


Now I have to go to sleep. Everybody please type quietly for the next eight hours. Thank you.

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