rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


After the rain, the clouds remained all day, and the damp permeates the starless night. There is enough light to reveal a faint marbling pattern of clouds in the sky, but no moonlight penetrates the grey overcast. The stillness is deafening.

I slept much too late again. My schedule has gone completely off track. Things were much better when I got to sleep by five A.M. most nights. Then, there was enough time to get a few things done in the afternoons. Now I feel constantly rushed. I don't like disruptions of any kind, and the last year has been full of them. This causes me to feel an almost constant low-grade irritation which, combined with the usual winter moroseness, makes me want some time away from this place. Can't be done, of course.

Look at that! I just woke up a few hours ago, and already I'm so cranky that I need a nap. Heh.

Also, my small toes hurt. It's probably the result of having been so frequently smashed against that corner of the shower where it juts out into the cramped bathroom. It would be nice to spend a few hours slapping around the guy who designed this house. That would probably do me more good than a vacation.

Some might prefer to spend their time directing some sharp remarks at Brad, if this post by insomnia is any indication. Personally, I'm not that impressed by the ad-topped pages of Blogger, but the post makes some thoughtful points. $30K a month for co-location and bandwidth? There's got to be a better deal out there. Maybe even in a place that doesn't have rats.

Well, that's enough for now. I'll come back when I'm in a beter mood. If that turns out to be March, have a nice winter.

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