rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Wednesday Already.

Our brief foretaste of spring may be ending. Tonight's sky was yet clear and shot with stars, and Venus, rising before the sun, is now bright, but wears a thin halo of haze. And the stiffening breeze is bringing colder air, though as yet no scent of rain. Still, the day could again turn warm. I hope for at least one partly cloudy day. The usual pattern this time of year is all clouds, or none at all. I prefer a day with a bit of variety to it.

This afternoon, I must await the cable guy. He'll be here between one and five. Unless he arrives before three, there will probably be no time for a walk. The days of rain kept me in the house for a full week. That's likely to happen again, soon, so I'm irritated when I miss a day that would be fine for walking.

Discussion topic for the day: The widespread proclamation of the end of irony; ironic?

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