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It slipped my mind (a common occurrence) that this is the month my photo host, PictureTrail, goes all-pay. The pictures have undoubtedly all vanished from my journal (except for a couple I posted at Citynoise, which is not an actual photo hosting service, but a site run by rhodamine, where he allows anyone to post pictures of, or text about, the places they live, and also allows the photographs to be remote-loaded to LJ.) Ah, well. Unless I pony up some cash for a paid account at PictureTrail or some other paid hosting service, or can find another free server, and the time to upload all my pictures again, my journal will now be almost picture-free. (Most of my pictures aren't suitable for Citynoise, and I wouldn't want to abuse the privilege of posting there.) And the picture of fake birds I posted to found_objects will be gone, too!

Aside from my super-low-budget Internet service, the only thing to do with the Internet that I've ever paid for is my LiveJournal account (beyond a doubt, the best bargain around.) Even my Webshots account is free, and because it's limited to 10 albums with no more than 24 pictures each, is half used up-- and I don't know how long it will be before Webshots goes all-pay, too. Sooner or later, I'm going to have to pry open the wallet if I want to maintain a Web presence anywhere other than just here. Curses! The free lunch has been consumed, and all that's left is the crumbs, and the indigestion.

Heh I love spell check. Look at the suggestions for "correct" spellings of "Webshots", especially the last one:
Web shots, Web-shots, Webs hots, Webs-hots, Websites, Washouts, Websters, Webfoot's, Washout's, Webster's, Wabash's, Wabbits

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