rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

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An astonishingly clear and cold night, and black ice has formed on my driveway. I nearly fell on my ass (arse!) when I went out to pick up the Sunday paper. I went to check my Juno usage report, and found that it hasn't been updated since December 3rd! Now, how am I supposed to know if I've gone over my time limit if they won't keep the report up to date? I think they want me to go over the limit, so they can charge me the $1.95 per hour fee. Must find another internet service. The current billing period ends on the 27th, so I'd better keep my time online to a minimum until then. I'm not feeling very creative lately, anyway. Maybe it's all for the best. I won't be filling up the LJ servers with as much mindless blather. Shut up, now.

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