rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Wet Again

The snowfall turned back into rain. For a while, everything was quiet. The cars passing slowly on the streets made a soft crunch, and the snowflakes fell through still air. Then, it warmed a bit, and I could hear raindrops falling on the few remaining leaves of the mulberry tree. Soon, there was the plop of snow sloughing off the pine trees, and water gurgling in the rain gutters. Now, the snow on the ground is slushy, and the rain has stopped. In the cold morning, the slush is likely to freeze and leave the roads icy and slick. The snow along the edge of the roof may freeze, too, and make a dam for the water under the snow higher up. That's when roof damage occurs. I may be wakened by the sound of crashing cars, or the dripping of snow-melt from my ceiling onto my head. Snow. Yuck.

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