rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


In the soft-shadowed night, I watch the last full moon of the year shining through thin buttermilk clouds that are rushing north. Here on the ground, the air is still and cold. The wind and rain will return tomorrow. This looks as though it will be the pattern for a while. Once the jet stream gets locked into that southerly course, we get all of Oregon's rain. The snow pack is piling up at the higher elevations, too, fortunately. That's next year's water supply for the valley farms. No snow, no asparagus. I'd just as soon the snow didn't fall at this elevation, though. It looks pretty for a few hours, then I get sick of it. Snow is nice to visit, but I don't like living with it. (Don't I make this complaint every year about this time? Probably.) So far, just wetness here. Should snow fall this winter, I'll treat everyone to a rant about it. Promise. Now, off to make a snack and watch some porn television. Heh. Who am I kidding? Everybody knows they are the same thing now.

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