rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Amusing Links

I've been waiting for a chance to catch my breath long enough to pass along a couple of links I've gotten lately. Sorry to do it at this hour, when almost everyone is sleeping, working, or out for the evening, depending on your time zone. If you don't have time now, bookmark them for a time when you need to smile. They are both immensely entertaining.

First, The remarkable paintings of Isabel Samaras, from jwz by way of mrmustard. Truly inspired works, mostly in acrylic on what appear to be tin tea trays. I won't try to describe them. They must be seen to be appreciated.

Second, from the ever-reliable scottobear, a group of gender-bent celebrities. (A whole bunch load on a single page, so it may take a while for it to load.) Oh, J-Lo can't marry Ben! He's prettier than she is! (Well... maybe she could be the groom.)


Just as I did not attempt to describe the works of Isabel Samaris, I will not attempt to describe the mostly cloudy sky as it was today, or as it is tonight. I have no words. Perhaps I used them up on lesser skies. In any case, I don't feel up to the task of discovering new superlatives. Maybe later, once I'm done being astonished.

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