rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Tired of December

If nothing untoward should happen, this might be the day I get caught up on sleep. And, if I wake up early enough, this might be the day I see sunlight again. There was sunlight for about 15 minutes yesterday evening, when a gap briefly opened in the clouds. The green of the trees struck by the low rays was astonishing. Then, last night, I almost saw the moon for a few seconds. It looked as though the clouds would actually part, but they only thinned for a moment, and I could see them moving across the patch of light where the moon was settling in the west. Then all was dark again. Now, the sky is pale enough that I can see to put the trash cans out. Then, to sleep. I have three rolls of pictures to pick up on the other side of town. They have been there waiting for more than a week. Things get too hectic this time of year, and the days too short for getting things done. I'll be glad when December is over.

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