rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

A Brief Real Post, Since the Last One Was Just a Rant

The stormy weather has returned, and the wind in the treetops has often sounded like a jet taking off. Several times tonight, there has been the odd combination of strong wind and fog. The fog swirls about in shreds and tatters, revealing and concealing brief glimpses of trees silhouetted against the dark grey sky. The porches are soaked to the doors. The cats, unable to run off their pent up energy outdoors for three days now have taken to racing up and down the hallway and leaping about on the furniture. I may soon join them. As much as I'm enjoying the rain, I miss my walks. Some clearing is expected by Tuesday night. With enough popcorn, I think I can hold out. I don't think the cats can, though. Every time they see each other, I expect a fight to break out. Poor kitties. They need a drier climate, or a bigger house.

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