rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Soft rain has fallen all night, except for those times when the clouds have settled onto the ridge and shrouded the forest in fog. The clouds have also prevented the night from being too cold. It is pleasant to stand on the porch and listen to the rain dripping from the eaves and running down the gutters. Even the cats have spent some time outdoors, watching the wet night.

Replies to my LJ posts and comments have been dribbling in. The repairs made earlier must have been successful. I notice, though, that the banners at the tops of pages still fail to load completely much of the time. So the site is no longer broken, but it remains a bit bent. At least it isn't folded, spindled or mutilated.

I received an email from PhotoTrail, my image hosting service. They are phasing out their free service and, come January, all the pictures I have posted in my journal will vanish unless I send them $19.95. I doubt that Brad will have PicPix up and running by then. I'd rather spend the money for an account there, but I'll have to consider going with PictureTrail. And, once I have a substantial number of pictures uploaded to that site, I doubt that I'd want to spend time moving them to another one. The Internet is tedious.

Now to sleep, lulled by the soft rain and the purring cat.

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