rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

December's Fruit

Yesterday afternoon, after the sun had emerged from the grey day, and all the sky turned blue and silver, I had occasion to go to the other side of town. Over the fence of a yard along a side street, I saw caught in a shaft of light passing between the pines, what I at first took to be some type of holiday decoration. Dozens of red globes hung from the branches of an otherwise bare tree. As I drew closer, I realized that it was a persimmon tree, loaded with ripe fruit. There are no persimmons growing in my neighborhood, nor along any of the streets which I am accustomed to traveling, so I see them rarely. To see one in fruit is quite an impressive sight. I have never been fond of persimmons. I like the flavor, but I find the slithery texture odd, and the furry sensation which they give my tongue is very unpleasant. But the trees, heavy with bright fruit, are delightful to see. I wouldn't mind having one in my yard, just to look at. The birds could eat the fruit, I'm sure.

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