rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


According to one of my nephews, a house on the other side of town blew up this morning. Just blowed right up. Blowed up real good. Broke windows all over the neighborhood. He heard the explosion from Chico, 15 miles away. I slept through it. Now I suppose I'll have to watch the local news on television. The one with the doings of venal, small town city councils and the scores of high school football games. This is the most exciting thing to happen here since both drug stores caved in after the blizzard of ... what was it ... 1989? Gee, I hope the town can stand the excitement.

Heh. Spell check doesn't like "blowed." It suggests:
bl owed, bl-owed, blow ed, blow-ed, bellowed, billowed, bowed, lowed, blower, flowed, glowed, plowed, slowed, blowers, blowies, bleed, bowled, bled, bolled, bolted, blowier, beloved, bloated, blobbed, blocked, blooded, bloomed, blooped, blotted, bloused
Uh, what is blooped?

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