rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Less-late Night

The piece I began writing a week ago continues to grow, slowly. After about two hours of work on it tonight, I think it has expanded by only a few hundred words. I don't know exactly how many words it contains altogether, but, when I saved the file tonight, I checked its size, and the file is 45K in the clipboard. That makes it the longest thing I've written since I've had this journal, and I suspect that it isn't more than half done. (And, I'm beginning to wonder, who will want to read something this long?) I don't know why I'm finding this particular piece so difficult to write. That sort of thing just happens. At any rate, the tougher it gets, the more determined I am to get it done, however long it takes. It leaves me little time for other things, though, and e-mail is once again piling up in the in-box, I'm getting to sleep much too late, and the night is going largely unwatched. I'll be glad when this is over. Too late now for an early night. I'll make it a less-late night, instead.

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