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There was a post that was supposed to go up yesterday, but Sluggo misbehaved and it was lost. I started over today, hoping to get it done before midnight, since it has to do with the holiday and WWI. Alas, it has grown into another of those long, nostalgic rambles to which I've lately become prone- a sign of approaching senility, according to my hypochondriacal imagination. It may take a couple of days to finish, but I probably won't backdate it. All for the best, I'm sure. It will give everyone who reads me on their friends page time to brace themselves, or flee altogether before it strikes them.

Speaking of friends pages, I just checked my "friend of" list, and it has popped way up in the last couple of weeks. I knew there were a couple of additions, since I've gotten comments from some people I hadn't heard from before (Hi), but I was surprised at the number of new additions who haven't commented. (Hi, I don't bite (often.)) I'll have to get around to checking everyone out, as soon as I can make the time. I do like to have some idea of who my regular readers are, though the fact is that I'm having a hard time keeping up with the 90 (yikes!) journals I am currently reading, myself. (How do those with hundreds of people on their friends list do it?) So, it will be a while, I think. Anyway, if you're a new arrival, welcome to the Wonderful World of Weather (heh.) If I'm going to be awake in time to see what kind of weather there is this afternoon, I need to get to sleep now.

ps "Hypochondriacal" isn't in the LJ spell check vocabulary. It's in my Webster's, though. Webster's. Just noticed that. Hmh.

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