rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It turned out not to be partly cloudy today. It turned out to be entirely cloudy, with more drizzle. Again, the veil of nimbus clouds parted briefly in a few places, revealing bits of the higher cumulus clouds glittering with sunshine, but never for long. The view from above must have been quite splendid. The day ended not with a noticeable sunset, but with a gradual deepening of dusk. When it was fairly dark, I heard flock after flock of migrating waterfowl flying overhead. I could barely make out the grey stream of dots where they flew. There must have been thousands of them. Their calls continued for two or three minutes with each flock. For a few minutes, the clouds parted in front of the waxing moon, not quite half full, but none of the birds flew into its light. Now, though the drizzle has stopped, it is entirely dark again, and the water is dripping from the trees and splattering against fallen leaves. The birds must have reached the wide marshlands west of Sutter Buttes by now. Maybe more flocks will fly over tonight. I like to listen to their calls falling from the dark sky.

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