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For Your Weekend Viewing Pleasure... [Nov. 9th, 2002|04:46 am]
No, it isn't porn, but it's the next best thing! I have posted twelve new snapshots in Paradise, Spring 2002, Volume 3 at Webshots. Sensual meadowlands! Phallic pine trees! Guilt free! (No nature was badly molested in the making of these pictures. Feel free to right click and save. Photoshop as you please.) Go ahead and look. You won't be sorry. Or, at least, you won't be terribly bored. Or, at the very least, you probably won't feel compelled to fling your computer through a window and shout "Enough, enough!" What the hell, it's better than staring at those same four walls all day. Isn't it?

From: fynne
2002-11-09 02:20 pm (UTC)
"snow on mulberry " such beauty, I love the cold, you can almost smell the snow.
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