rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


All day, things to say pop into my head. When I get a chance to write them down, they are not there. Harumph! Let's see... I remember it being overcast most of the afternoon, until the sun managed to burn through for about an hour, though it was never bright enough to make me sneeze. There were some faint, intermittent shadows, and those leaves on the oaks which have turned color glowed a pleasant, warm shade of gold. It does indeed smell very much like impending rain. Perhaps that was what had the birds excited. All afternoon, they chirped and squawked and screeched and twittered. They're probably tired of drinking water overflowing into the street from lawn sprinklers.

The peak of autumn color will probably arrive in a few days. I hope the rain (the rain allegedly on the way) is done with by then, though I wouldn't mind some scattered clouds hanging about. They make for more interesting pictures. Overcast is not good for pictures, though. It subdues the colors, and everything looks grey and monotonous. Less than two months left in the year. Time flies when you're having fits.

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