rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Feeling Dull

Walking in the dark, I can't see the dried leaves that crunch loudly under my feet. I am startled. When more leaves have fallen, every step will bring a crunch, but for now, it happens only once in a while. I imagine sleeping birds suddenly awake, alert against the intruder. Hey, that's me! I must sweep the walk and the driveway today. Or, I could simply wait for the promised rain to wet the leaves and thus make them not crunchy. If the rain arrives, that is.

In Sacramento, this is now the third longest rainless spell since records have been kept. The two longer dry spells were in 1903 and 1880. So, in Sacramento, at least, something of the Victorian age has been back for quite some time. I wonder what will be next?

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