rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Blink, blink. Eh! Morning, Already?

There is particular shade of blue which comes into the sky in the hour before dawn. It differs from any of the shades of blue which follow the sunset. That early glow in the east is electric. It vibrates in the mind like a tone in music, and ends the night before the sun has risen. I could spend hours, or days, washed in that color. I wonder if it has a name?

Another night fled, and I'm wondering why, when the nights have grown longer, they seem as short as in summer. I get wrapped up in things, and time gets away from me. Here I am again, in dawn's chill, unable to account for the hours which have passed.

But, here is something interesting to look at: This post by insomnia offers you a chance to anonymously confess your shame, guilt, or insecurity. A fascinating idea. I posted something. Try and guess which is mine, if you'd like. Fun for the whole LJ family!
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