rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Dog Day

I saw eight dogs running loose this afternoon, in two groups of four. Most days, there are no stray dogs. Two dogs from one group came over to sniff me. The dogs in the other group were too busy with each other to pay any attention to me. They reminded me of frat boys, somehow. Not that frat boys come over to sniff me, of course, (well, most of them don't), but that they seemed to be having a good time without regard to what was going on around them. They had a sort of mutual self-absorption. Maybe they were on a lark from obedience school. I wonder what would have happened had the two groups of dogs met up? Would there have been a dog rumble? A merging of the gangs? A dog orgy? With dogs, one never knows.

There was also a horse, being walked behind a slow-moving vehicle- some sort of dune buggy. The vehicle was driven by an elderly woman, and an elderly man sat in the open back, leading the horse on a tether. The horse smelled better than the exhaust fumes. It reminded me that, last year, there was a horse tethered in one of the fields near the canyon, every afternoon through the spring and early summer. I would pass by the grazing beast each day, on my walk. This year, the field remained horseless. Too bad. Since the deer are so unwilling to pose for photographs, I could at least have gotten a few pictures of the horse. Today, alas, I went out without my camera, and got no picture of the horse behind the buggy.

The sky was clear all day until late afternoon, when a few streaks of cloud appeared in the west. In less than an hour, there were small white puffs of cloud everywhere. Then, as evening fell, the clouds dissipated as rapidly as they had formed. The weather of an autumn day is ephemeral. Last night, as the moon rose, its light shone on the undersides of long streaks of cloud which, in the view from my front yard, radiated out above the oak behind my house, like the spikes in the crown of the statue of Liberty. Maybe the clouds will return in time for moonrise tonight.

Oh, yes. Tonight. Tonight, daylight saving time comes to an end. There will be no more evening walks until the days lengthen with the arrival of spring. In the early darkness, I will huddle in the house, warming my hands over Sluggo's overheated AMD processor. More posts, more posts! But, what will I have to say?

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