rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

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Two days of very limited time online have allowed me to reduce the contents of my in box from over 170 messages to less than 50. I ought to do this more often. One more day should get the backlog taken care of altogether. Sunday, I will be back to letting things pile up again.

The lovely clouds which hung about all day Friday began to break up after midnight, and are now gone. It has grown quite chilly under the clear sky. It would have been a nice night to go riding along dark roads as the gray dome was peeled back to reveal the stars.

I'm pretending that something amazing will happen when I wake up this afternoon. I do that a lot. Eventually, something amazing will actually happen. Then I will be able to tell myself that I am foresighted.

Yes, this is what you get for my 1001st post. I'm groggy from reading e-mail. Give me a break.

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