rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Forecast- Weathery

As a fan of weather, I was delighted to find a site devoted to Weather Photography. The cloud galleries are marvelous. The whole site is marvelous, but I like the cloud galleries best. Thanks to burningman for posting the link (in behind_the_lens.)

Recent hectic-ness has prevented me from writing much the last couple of days. I've got five photo CDs that need to be put onto my hard drive, and then edited. All sorts of other things need to be done. Reality is a pain in the ass. I'm looking for a good alternative, but, so far, those I've found all seem to involve starving in filth. Ah, well. Maybe I'll be kidnapped by pirates, and all those annoying decisions I have to make all the time will be out of my hands. In the meantime, a cat wants fed. Later.
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