rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More Snapshots

I've finally gotten around to adding the final 12 images to my second volume of spring pictures at Webshots. I was surprised that, even after having downsized the files, the full size pictures (see the link below each picture in the album) take over a minute to load on the page with the 45k connection I had tonight. Well, at least that's faster than they uploaded. I can't say I'm at all pleased with the quality of the pictures I'm getting from either camera, though the old Olympus is clearly better than the new Fuji. I'm getting very anxious to get a decent digital camera. I'd like to continue with film, but the cost of a better camera, plus really good photo finishing and high quality film would be punishing. Three megapixel digital cameras (probably a good enough resolution for my puposes) are finally dropping into the $300 range at reputable dealers. I might be able to afford that price by the end of the year, if Sluggo has no unpleasant surprises in store for me. The sooner I can leave the world of point-and-shoot cameras behind, the better.

See the latest 12 pictures in the album "Paradise, Spring, 2002, Volume 2" at my
Webshots Community Page.

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