rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


In lieu of a post, I'm blathering about the war in pixelshim's journal. (Yes, he's back!) It took me three freaking hours to write that latest (two part) piece of crap, and, of course, I'm not at all satisfied with it. I can't find half the stuff I wanted to make reference to, most of my arguments are fragmentary, and wander off the point, and I get the feeling I've left all sorts of stuff out. Now you know why I didn't finish college. The only reason I had a 4.0 while I was there was because I had no life outside school. (Here comes a Tolkien reference for weetanya.) I have always been more like Mister Butterbur than like Lord Denethor. Thinking tends to take me a long time. That's one reason I'll never start a war. Unfortunately, I'll probably never prevent one, either.

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