rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Bout of the Day: Read vs Write

Today, I had to choose between reading and writing. I chose reading. Some of the reading was here, and some of it was stuff that's been piling up in my in box. I have been sending myself irresistible articles from the New York Times (curse the day I found that web site), and not getting around to a lot of them. (I don't read them on line, because my Internet connection is metered, and I'm in danger of going over my limit this month.) If I had unlimited broadband or DSL, I'm afraid I would become one with Sluggo, and end up being fed by intravenous tube as I trolled the net endlessly, like a wired Flying Dutchman.

But, however much reading there is to be done, I refuse not to take a daily walk this time of year. The mountains are experiencing an Indian Summer of surprising endurance. Day after day the skies have been clear, the air warm, the breezes soft. Birds sing all day, and splash in the birdbaths. The cats laze under the bushes, and pay the birds no mind. The acorns continue to rattle down through the leaves, and pile up along the roads in the carpet of golden brown pine needles which is beginning to accumulate there. The New York Times can spare me an hour a day to enjoy that, I think.

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