rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Shorn at Last

Yesterday, I awoke to see, out my south window, the sun shining through a mass of small fluffy clouds that looked like a rough and tumbling airborne seascape of silver and grey and white. They all dissipated before I could get out to go for a walk. But the afternoon was fine and breezy and warm. This time of year, the sun is low enough to shine into my southern window, and the wind was fluttering the leaves of the wild plum which grows there, so that the light and shadow danced and flickered on my wall. By late afternoon, when the sun was far enough west to shine through the western window as well, the leaves of the mulberry tree cast the same sort of patterns across my floor. It was like being in a garden made of light. Sweet October.

Later, I went out and got myself shorn. It was about time. My hair was getting to that point where it curls around under my ears and tickles them. I had to keep it wet constantly, just to prevent it from driving me crazy. Now it is nice and short, and I can let it lie flat, or, with a little bit of mousse or gel, make it pleasantly spiky. Small spiky, of course, not the big spiky. I can still get away with small spikes, but, at my age, big spikes would look very silly. I'd look like that character, (Vivian?) on The Young Ones.

Now, I've gotten the haircut out of the way, but I'm still pretty busy. I don't know when I'll have time to upload more pictures to my Webshots albums. I have edited the pictures from the lost roll of film, and everything is ready to go, but there is other stuff to do, first. In fact, I want to catch up on my reading here, as much as possible. And I have some half-finished things I'm writing on paper that I need to deal with as well. I'm as busy as the squirrels I see gathering nuts for the winter. I hope I'm not as stupid as the squirrel I saw today, though. It dashed across the street in front of the car, with room to spare, but then, almost on the other side, reversed course and ran back across, We missed it by () that much. I thought of Bill Simon. (Guy who is running for governor of California, for those who don't know.) Ah, well, the squirrel survived this time. I probably will, too.

Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that I picked up a batch of pictures at the drug store today, and there was something odd about it. The prints and negatives were OK, but all but one of the pictures on the CD were all in grey scale, and the one in color was full of spotty pixels. It isn't Sluggo's fault, either. All the old CDs still work. Somebody at the lab screwed up, so I have to return the thing and have them do it over. Since it was Long's, and not the evil K-Mart, I'm sure they'll replace the CD for free, and might even give me a refund on the whole order. Weird, though. I've never before heard of anything like this happening on a picture CD.

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