rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Moonless Night

About halfway between midnight and dawn, as I watched the night, I saw a meteor streak south across the sky, neatly bisecting an unperturbed Orion. I watched for a while, hoping there would be more meteors, but there were none. I would be a good night to watch them., at least if they remained in the eastern half of the sky. To the west, there are clouds. They can't be seen, as the night is moonless, but the sky there has a mottled look, and some of the stars grow pale, and then vanish, then return. I think the clouds are of the small, thin type that resemble sheep. Perhaps, if they remain when daylight begins to reveal the world, I'll get to see if I'm right. But, the night is otherwise perfect for stargazing, being moonless and pleasantly cool.

The days of early autumn are full of changes. Yesterday was warm and cloudless. Today, we might be on the edge of some northern storm again, as we were a few days ago, with a busy sky full of drifting clouds. Tomorrow, there might yet be rain, or more wind to make the trees dance. This is one of the things I like most about this time of year. After the monotony of summer, with its days on end of vacant sky and relentless heat, autumnal variability pleases me. Now, there are strange bird calls, both day and night. I have heard ducks and geese, which I have not heard since they returned last spring. And, I have heard other birds, with unfamiliar songs. Autumn is both familiar and full of surprises. I'm very glad it's here.

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