rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Magnetic Mail

When I went out to fetch the mail today, at first I thought that I had grabbed it all. Then I noticed that the corrugated floor of the mailbox looked as though it had a flat spot on it. I reached in and, after a bit of a tug, pulled out a card about five inches by eleven. It was an ad for Papa Murphy's pizza, and along one end was glued one of those thin, flexible refrigerator magnets. The thing had been stuck to the metal of the mailbox, and, since it has no dated postmark, I have no idea how long it had been in there.

It's a clever idea, I suppose, putting a refrigerator magnet on a card full of coupons, but mailing it? And undoubtedly it was a mass mailing, with hundreds of thousands of cards all being sent out at the same time. I wonder what it was like in the post office? Did the cards all stick to one another? Did they jump about when their opposite poles came in contact with each other? And how many of them are still stuck to the floors of mailboxes across the country? Ah, the wonders of junk mail! Look for yours, soon!

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