rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Demise Postponed Until Further Notice

So the mole, unmalignant, need not be removed. In fact, shaving it would leave a scar with a good chance of being more sensitive than the mole itself. So I have decided to just put up with the irritation (and there is a lot of it.) Rats! And I had my funeral all planned. My hypochondria has disappointed me again!

The demise of this computer, however, seems more and more likely. More blue screens today, and a novel notice on one of them: "Your Windows configuration is invalid. Run the Windows setup program again to correct this problem." But when I tried that, it told me that the code number I entered was invalid. Same number as before. Never invalid before. Freaking weird program! The program threatened me with system instability if I continued to run it. But Windows is instability! How does instability become unstable?

Because so many of the error messages I get involve VxD files, my tech guy supects video card failure. He is going to bring over a new card this afternoon and see if that helps. I hope so. Just once, I'd like to get through a week without having this thing freak out on me.

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