rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Ars Longa, Sluggo Brevis

Sluggoid weirdness tonight, including the disappearance of my clipboard. Also, he is refusing to show me my desktop when I click on the icon that normally makes it appear. Most displeasing.

Anyway. I have groused from time to time about the disappearance of almost all the albums of 20th century art from Webshots. The early modern painters are in fact gradually vanishing from the web altogether. Most likely this is the result of the growing power of the copyright police. The DMCA allows some works to be copyrighted for as long as 120 years, and allows the copyrights to be held by corporations with virtually endless lifespans. They will not surrender them easily, I'm sure, and we can probably expect copyrights to be extended still further in the future. The public domain is being privatized at an alarming rate. For this reason, I frequently search the web for those few remaining sites where some of the paintings from the early modern period may still be found.

Tonight, I stumbled across, which is a Chinese web site. They have some decent images of works by a bit more than a dozen 20th century artists, including Giacometti, Bacon, Basquiat, Salle, Miro, Dali and Hockney. I don't know how much longer this site will survive, so if you are interested, make haste. In spite of the fact that it is mostly in Chinese, (and if you don't have a Chinese font for your browser, will display in what looks like cartoon cursing), it is fairly easy to navigate. Mouse over the uninteligible links and read the javascript translations down there in that space (whose name I never remember) just above your system tray. (Taskbar?) Even the names of the Chinese and Japanese artists on the site are translated that way. Very convenient.

My spelling is probably crappy, but spellcheck is acting up again, and I have no time to correct my errors on my own.

Away, little flawed entry! Carry your message out into the world as best you can!
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