rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Thirty-Six, Day Ten

That Friday was weird can go without saying, as all days are now weird. Considering the number of hours I was awake I got very little done, but a few minor chores are out of the way. There was also quite a large dinner involving angel hair pasta, which may have contributed to the nap craving I experienced around ten o'clock in the evening. The nap turned into actual sleep, though, and quite a bit of lying awake waiting to get back to sleep when the hamster in my brain decided to go for long runs in his wheel. It ended up that I didn't get out of bed until ten o'clock this morning. Twelve hours in bed is not something I'd have planned to do, but maybe the hamster did.

One factor in the length of the bedtime was that little light came in the window this morning. It seemed much earlier than it was. There is a moderately dense fog today, and the pale disc of the sun is only intermittently visible. I would imagine that the fog is much more dense farther down the valley, as that's usually the case. It's starting to look like this could be a foggy year, which would be unfortunate. As much as I like fog, a foggy year is less likely to be a rainy year, and I'd much rather have the rain. Probably everybody around here would. Entirely aside from the multi-car chain reaction collisions on the highways, we really need the rain.

It might get brighter this afternoon, but probably not much. It's only supposed to get up to 63 degrees. In fact it's getting brighter right now, as I got distracted and forgot I was writing this entry. I should think about making some lunch. Perhaps that would jumpstart my brain again. It's all tuckered out from all the hamster activity last night.

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