rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Thirty-Six, Day Five

I don't recall much of Sunday other than that the sleep came in two chunks again, one by day and one by night, and the nocturnal sleep ended just a bit after midnight. The fuzzy thoughts I had between waking and getting up were fanciful, but as usual I forgot them before I could examine them to see if they were worth remembering. A vague impression remains that there was a chair with a back like a harp that played the memories of people who sat in it, and there was a means of reaching back though time to turn pages in books that would reveal different subsequent pages than those turned to in that present. This probably makes no sense at all. But then it probably doesn't need to. I just wish it would make better writing.

A couple of mundane tasks got done Sunday. Some of the groceries that there is no storage space for in the kitchen were rearranged and consolidated in their bags, so now they take up less space in the living room, and some stuff that had piled up got removed to the recycling bin outside, which also freed up some open space. There's no actual need for the additional space, but it doesn't hurt to have it either. It's a win/meh.

The forecast is now saying it will be 72 degrees here on Wednesday. That's in December. This is not Los Angeles. It's probably not time to panic yet, but it's time to get ready to panic. I can almost taste next summer's dust.

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