rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Thirty-Six, Day Three

Well, I've always wanted to hibernate through the winter, and now I seem to be doing something very close to that. Sleeping for a few hours multiple times a day, with overlaps so that one day gets lost in the next, and I'm never sure if night is coming or going. I don't know if I remember dreams, but the thoughts I have while lying awake are as near dreams as makes no difference. There is coming and going of time and events, but they seem to be standing still even as they vanish. I wake and do mundane things but soon forget them. My sole remaining passion seems to be finding the oblivion of sleep, and staying there as long as I can. The days have become like a milling crowd when a parade is over, all heading for different somewheres that add up to nowhere. Yeah, I'll sleep through that.

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