rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Thirty-Five, Day Thirty-Seven

Though I slept the middle out of Wednesday, I'm apparently not sleeping the middle out of tonight. Though I nodded off to a couple of music videos, something kept me awake, and here I am after midnight, still semi-functional. Being awake brought me the bonus of hearing flock of trumpeter swans flying over the neighborhood just before midnight. It's the fist time I've heard trumpeter swans since I left Paradise. There I used to hear them several times every year.

When I woke up I remembered a dream, and thought I would think about it later, but I got distracted by orange juice and such and by the time I remembered I'd remembered the dream I'd forgotten it again. I think there was a house and people in it, but I can't be sure. Obviously if I'm going to remember to remember dreams I'm going to have to note them down in some way as soon as I wake up with one.

For dinner I ate some more of the rice and beans and another frozen tamale, but this time I chipped and fried half an onion then heated the rice with that, to make it more interesting. It did work, but I'm still probably going to get tired of it before all the leftovers are gone. It would be easier if I still had beer I really liked to wash stuff down with. Good beer makes even dull foods more enjoyable. One of the stores has another brand of porter on sale this week, and I'm thinking I might try to get ahold of some of that. I've never tried this brand before, but it might be worth a shot.

The chances of rain Friday are down to 22%, though it's still supposed to be cloudy. Last time I went out I heard another flock of waterfowl flying south. Geese this time, I think, probably headed for the delta. I hope we don't disappoint them. They need that rain as much as we do.

I'm actually starting to feel sleepy now. If I get to sleep soon I could be awake again before sunrise, but it would be better if I could sleep an entire eight hours. That would get me ready for Friday nicely. If things work out I could have a bottle of porter by dinnertime Friday. I'd celebrate that with a drink, for sure.

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