rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Thirty-Five, Day Eighteen

Friday's dinner was a mistake. There was a noodle bowl that I'd mistaken for ordinary ramen when I'd bought it, but it was a non-soup, and it was extremely hot. I'd eaten one bowl earlier as soup, and mixed with ordinary ramen to cut the heat, but this time I followed the instructions and fixed it as just noodles, and used only a small part of the terribly hot sauce packet on it. It had no flavor to speak of, and was still way too hot.

So I microwaved a package of yakisoba noodles and mixed those with part of the still-too-hot noodles. It was sufficiently close to painless that I finished to bowl, but the painlessness turned out to be only in my mouth. Half an hour after eating my stomach began to hurt, and has been hurting ever since. So, lesson learned: Samyang's Buldak Kimchi Hot Ramen is not to be purchased under any circumstances. The prospect may be moot, however, as I'm considering disemboweling myself, which will make any further eating of anything at all impossible. Probably.

And that was Friday's adventure. But before setting my innards on fire I had enjoyed a mild afternoon, or late afternoon anyway, since I didn't wake up until three o'clock again, and got in an hour or so of listening to the mockingbird. No disturbance came from the bike path, so all I had to put up with was the usual noise from the freeway. Later in the evening I heard geese flying over. Now that we've had some rain, the waterfowl will find the landscape more congenial than it was last year at this time. There is a slight chance of showers today and tomorrow, and a likelihood Monday, though the forecast currently has no more big storms on the way. We could use three or four more like the last one, but they might not come.

There was something else I was going to say, but I've totally forgotten what it was. I've done a lot of forgetting of things lately, but I still remember forgetting, so I guess I'm not completely demented yet. When I forget that I've forgotten, that will be trouble, but of course I won't know it as I'll have forgotten the forgetting too. I don't know if I should look forward to that state or not. I'll never find out, of course, as by the time I get there I'll have forgotten what looking forward is. But at least I won't get nostalgic about it.

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