rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Thirty-Five, Day Seventeen

Sleeping away both the middle of the night and the middle of the day now seems to be my thing. After waking up Thursday afternoon I exhausted myself by ten o'clock in the evening and went back to bed, waking up again after two o'clock in the morning. For Thursday's dinner I made a grilled cheese sandwich with the last two slices of bread, and after I woke up I made a bowl of oatmeal, with some almond flour added for extra protein.

Thursday afternoon was odd, as a group of people gathered on the bike path out back and were singing fragments of Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan songs, also doing some random cursing that might have been lyrics from rap songs with which I'm unfamiliar. Their voices didn't seem old, but weren't particularly young either, and since I can't see over the fence I don't know if they were older homeless people or just high school kids hanging out after school. It went on for quite a while, but after they left the mockingbird came around and sang for a while, which I much preferred.

Today will be the last of three mild days in a row, and by Monday it could be raining again, though probably not as intensely as last time. Currently there is a heavy fog advisory in effect farther down the valley and in the delta, but I doubt we'll get any here. Even back in the days when fall and winter tule fogs were common in the central valley, they seldom came this far north. Pity, as I'd like to have a nice fog now and then, though I'd rather not hear hundred-car pileups on the nearby freeway.

I should arrange to get more bread, in case I want another grilled cheese sandwich. It was the high point of my week.

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