rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Thirty-Five, Day Fifteen

Well, I did it again with the midnight napping thing. Even though I got to sleep before sunrise Tuesday, I still ended up short of sleep because I got one of those spam robocalls about the expiring warranty on the car I don't have. That was about half past ten in the morning, and though I tried to get back to sleep after that I had only a few catnaps over the next two hours and finally got up not long after noon. That left me dopey all day, and around eleven that night I got so sleepy I had to nap, which I then continued to do until half past five this morning. I think it was mostly the covers being warm and the room being chilly that kept me in bed until then. My body still hasn't adjusted to the seasonal change.

Because I didn't eat dinner Tuesday night I just microwaved a ramen bowl instead of breakfast, which makes the sense that I'm displaced in time even stronger. I don't fancy being awake for an entire daylight day, and suspect that I'll be going back to sleep before its over, but I don't know just when. I still feel tired, and have a bit of a headache. Today is the first of three mild days in a row, so it would be nice to do something with it, but I doubt I'll have the energy. The hours are passing already. The sun is out and birds are chirping. I wish I had a donut.

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