rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day Out

A whirlwind trip to two stores Monday left me exhausted, especially since I woke up too early, so I ended up taking a nap from around ten o'clock in the evening until two o'clock in the morning. I don't remember any dream fragments this time, which is a relief. It's been very windy, and though the air smells fresh enough, the upper sky had a darkness to it that is not natural to the time of year. I think it must have been smoke from the fires.

Because of the nap I never got around to eating dinner, so I'm going to microwave a ramen bowl before trying to get back to sleep. I did buy stuff for dinner, even though the store was out of several things I'd intended to get. Both stores were quite busy. People are probably stocking up because there could be rain next week. Californians are not accustomed to rain and aren't quite sure how bad it might get. We might be trapped in our houses for weeks, unable to get food or toilet paper. There's probably no point in me stocking up, of course, since this neighborhood is flood prone, and everything will most likely just get ruined anyway.

Today is supposed to be a mere 70 degrees, and still windy, though slightly less so. The wind must be stirring stuff up, as I've been sneezing a lot, but I've got four new packages of tissues so I'm set. I've also got orange juice again, and chocolate, and cupcakes. The store still didn't have my usual variety of donuts, though, so things are not quite normal. I hope this imbalance does not cause a catastrophe. I need to do laundry, and catastrophe could interfere with that. I'd hate to run out of clean socks in such a pivotal moment in world history.

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