rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day In

Sunday afternoon the mockingbird visited and sang nearby for several minutes. It only occurred to me then that his being missing so long following the end of his nocturnal concerts in early summer might be due to him finding a mate and nesting in some other neighborhood, and then not being available for making music due to the need to help feed a nest full of chicks. If that's the case then there might be more mockingbirds around next year.

Wind has been kicking up again and will continue through the day, triggering a red alert for fire danger. The air is very dry, which exacerbates the problem. It wont be very hot, fortunately. It's supposed to warm up later in the week, but to no more than 82 degrees. I can live with that, and the nights will remain so cool that I probably won't need the air conditioner at all.

It looks like I'll be finishing my shopping this afternoon, if I wake up early enough and feel energetic enough. Monday is a good day for the store that has its five dollar sale that day. This week they have small cheesecakes for five bucks— two slices each of four varieties, which make a nice desert for eight days, unless I consume one or two as lunch substitutes on days I don't feel very hungry.

That wind is making some noise now. It's not as noisy as it used to get in Paradise this time of year, but for Chico it's pretty loud. It's undoubtedly stronger in the mountains. I hope it doesn't stir up the fires. There's not much chance of rain for the next nine days. After that we might get lucky.

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