rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Thirty-Four, Day Twenty-Three

So on Thursday I failed to make arrangements for shopping today, which means I really must get my act together today so I can go Saturday. As I'm not asleep yet, I suspect I won't be getting up until well after noon, and that makes it unlikely I'll have my brain even minimally engaged much before nightfall, which comes earlier every day. I was so disorganized Thursday that I didn't even eat dinner, but just snacked on some crackers and almond butter.

The evening got so chilly that I had to put on a hoodie to go out to the mailbox. My joints must have stiffened up more over the summer, as it was more difficult than I remember to get my arms into the sleeves. Then it took me several minutes to get used to having it on. Fall wardrobe. Strange.

I think I had weird dreams again but can't remember them. There was just an uneasiness in the back of my mind, as though something that was out to get me had almost succeeded. It was probably just me trying to get me, though. That's who it usually turns out to be. Lucky for me I'm incompetent.

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